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Disinfecting Service

Hospital-Grade Disinfection for Commercial Buildings

Company Buildings l Shared Offices l Rental Apartments

In buildings frequented by numerous people that come from different places, various kinds of viruses and airborne germs are more easily carried in from outside. Due to the closed nature of buildings, there are larger opportunities for harmful droplets and particles to stay on surface and air for prolonged duration to be spread to other people. In this setting where one small element may influence the entire system, it is the top priority for building managements to ensure the utmost sanitation within the premises. Our professionals have the best knowledge to prevent spread of contamination in buildings by double-protecting all corners as long as taking extra care on high-touch areas.


Germicidal steam technology to cover all hidden spots

Our hospital-grade steaming devices turns pure water into disinfecting steam by elevating the temperature to a germicidal level. We utilize chemical-free steaming technology for air ducts and ventilating systems, upholstery, and hard-to-reach corners to eliminate viruses in all hidden areas.

Disinfecting Service Process

1. Get a Free Estimate

Call us at (201) 992-7264 or Go Here to request a free estimate.

2. Make a Reservation

Once you receive your estimate, you can make a reservation at the time and date of your choice.

3. Service Team Arrives

Our trained professionals arrive at the site on the scheduled day.

4. Disinfecting Procedure (1hr to 1hr and 30 minutes)

  • A brief observation of the space and operation planning done by manager

  • Overall air/surface disinfecting process using multiple UVC towers

  • Individual treatment for small appliances/high touch areas

  • Deep steam sterilization for ventilators/corners to ensure no spots are left out

5. Service Report

After the procedure, a detailed disinfection service report and photos(upon customer's request) will be sent at no extra cost.

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