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Disinfecting Service

Hospital-Grade Office Disinfecting Service

Ensuring the safety of you and your employees is the key to creating a successful working environment. Your employees will be more than impressed when they walk into a sparking fresh office. It will not only boost the work efficiency but will also give your employees a belief that their valuable health and well-being is prioritized. We offer 24/7, overnight disinfection in order to make your office ready in the best condition for a new day.


Germicidal Steaming to cover all hidden spots

We use full commercial-grade steam device that heats water up to a germicidal temperature. Our hospital-grade steaming technology make it possible to turn pure water into a powerful virus-killing solution without any artificial ingredients. After the entire surface and air treatment with UVC lighting, we treat all the hidden spots, hard-to-reach cracks, ceilings, and walls with steam procedure in order to ensure every corner within the premises is covered and protected from harmful germs.

Disinfecting Service Process

1. Get a Free Estimate

Call us at (201) 992-7264 or Go Here to request a free estimate.

2. Make a Reservation

Once you receive your estimate, you can make a reservation at the time and date of your choice.

3. Service Team Arrives

Our trained professionals arrive at the site on the scheduled day.

4. Disinfecting Procedure (1hr to 1hr and 30 minutes)

  • A brief observation of the space and operation planning done by manager

  • Overall air/surface disinfecting process using multiple UVC towers

  • Individual treatment for small appliances/high touch areas

  • Deep steam sterilization for ventilators/corners to ensure no spots are left out

5. Service Report

After the procedure, a detailed disinfection service report and photos(upon customer's request) will be sent at no extra cost.

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