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Bathroom Cleanliness

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What is bathroom cleanliness?

Simple ways to clean your bathroom

The bathroom is probably the area people are most discouraged to clean. Yet, it may be the space with the most accumulated germs and cleaning is necessary. With frequent showers, use of toilets and tubs, people walking in and out to wash their hands, you should strive to clean your bathroom weekly. Let’s walk through some ways in which you can effectively get rid of bacteria and viruses.

How to clean your bathrooms

1. First, it is important to move all bathroom supplies and essentials outside. You want to start with an empty space that is easier to move around. Some things to take out may be your trash bin, shower mat, towels, containers, toothbrush holders, and etc.

2. Toilet bowl: Pour disinfectant or cleaner into the toilet bowl and wait about 10-15 minutes. After you let it sit, brush the area until clean. Flush afterward. Clean the toilet seat and cover with a disinfectant wipe or use soap to get rid of any stains.

3. Bathroom sink: Start with an empty surface, removing all bathroom supplies and tools outside. Wipe the sink with a disinfectant and clean all areas with water afterward. Spray cleaner unto the mirror and wipe with a towel or cloth.

4. Bathroom floor: The floor probably requires the most manual labor. Depending on the material of the floor, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean pretty much any stain. If you want something more thorough you can purchase a cleaner with bleach for dirty grout.

5. Similar steps apply to the bathtub and shower. You want to clean all crevices that can build up germs. Some areas include bathroom corners, around faucets, behind toilets, and underneath sinks.

Cleaning your bathroom may be the most physically strenuous from all areas in the home. Although these cleaning methods are effective, you may want to consult a disinfecting professional if you want something more thorough. You can read more information about our service here.

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