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No More Mold Spores!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Covered in today’s blog

What is a mold spore?

How can we treat mold allergies?

You may have heard of mold inside homes and buildings as they are very common. They produce small units of mold spores, not visible to the human eye, that float in the air. Inhaling these mold spores can induce allergic reactions that can last all year round. Fortunately, these allergies are not severe and can be avoided with limited exposure.

Because mold spores exist indoors and outdoors, we will go over safety measures in both environments.

Ways we can Treat Mold Allergies


Ventilation Professional Disinfecting Service

Mold spores spread when humidity is If you are unable to remove the mold on

high and in warmer months when moisture your own, you should consult a

is in the air. Turning your air conditioner professional disinfecting service. These

on will help dry your moisture in the air services will have the knowledge and

and help prevent mold from reproducing. expertise to effectively get rid of mold in

You can also invest in a dehumidifier that your homes. For more information

lowers the humidity inside the home and regarding this subject, you can click

have it below at least 45 percent. here.


Limit outdoor activity Shower After Outdoor Activities

Allergic reactions to mold spores are Showering after outdoor activities is

most common from July to early fall. crucial as you can spread them around

During these times of high mold counts, the house. Keeping them contained is

it is best to reduce your exposure to the best way to lessen your exposure

them. This means: reducing your outdoor and reduce your symptoms.

activity and wearing a dust mask around

plants. Just following these two steps will

help lessen the amount of mold


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