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Disinfecting vs Cleaning

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

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What is disinfecting and cleaning?

What is the difference between disinfecting and cleaning?

Why is disinfecting more effective in cleaning germs than cleaning?

You may have heard people using the words disinfecting and cleaning interchangeably. However, they both serve different purposes and many times cannot perform the work of the other. So let’s get into what these words entail.

The difference

Cleaning is the removal of dust and visible dirt on a surface. This job is done nearly every day when you see a stain on the couch, food particles on the table, or when dust piles on your desk. For this, you just need basic over the counter cleaning supplies, such as soap and detergent to clean the surfaces.

Disinfecting is the killing of any bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to one’s health. When you disinfect surfaces and areas around the house, it reduces the rate of contamination. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, cleaning hard surfaces with disinfectants is the only way to effectively kill off viruses. The most reliable approach would be to hire a professional disinfecting service that can disinfect the area in which you want virus-free. These technicians use various devices that best cater to the needs of their clients, whether it's a residential or commercial space.

When should you disinfect

It is recommended that you clean hard surfaces and high touch areas as frequently as possible. If you have friends and family walking in and out of your homes, bacteria are exposed at all times. Over the counter cleaning and disinfecting supplies, however, can only do so much. Professional disinfecting services are ideal for individuals that frequently have guests over or with individuals that need sensitive care. You may want to disinfect these areas monthly or even weekly in high infectious areas.

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