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Guidelines to Recycling Plastic Items

Recycling and reusing plastic items are as important to us as cleaning and organizing our homes. Many of us buy and throw away plastic packaging unconsciously as they are used for many essential needs at our homes. From water bottles to cleaning bottles, plastic is popularly used to store liquids for our convenience.

If individuals are informed properly, recycling plastics is a simple measure that can be taken in one’s daily routine. This one easy step can help conserve energy and benefit the environment.


Recycling Method♻

Step 1:

The first step in recycling plastic items is identifying if the bottle can be accepted at your local recycling center. Check the bottom of the bottle. Underneath, you will be able to find a number between 1-7. Most plastic bottles are made of either #1(PET) or #2(HDPE), both which are accepted at recycling centers. If the item is not able to be recycled, you can try repurposing them.

Step 2:

Most recycling centers require that you rinse your bottles before submitting them. If this is the case, fill your bottle halfway with water and shake it around. After cleansing, throw the water away and put the bottle cap on.

*Some recycling centers do not accept bottle caps. You can either discard them or use them for other purposes in the house.

Step 3:

The next step is to remove all labels, stickers, seals if required, Similar to bottle caps, some places ask that these labels be removed prior to handing them in.

Step 4:

Last, you can crush the bottles so that they take up less space. Place them into a bag and carry them over to the recycling center.

These are four easy steps you can take to recycle plastic bottles. Taking some time out of your day can have a valuable impact on the environment.

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