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How to Clean after your Pet

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

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Some things to be cleaned as a dog owner

How to clean after your dogs

If you are a pet owner, you know how hard it is to clean after your pets. Cleaning and dusting are inevitable to pet owners as they will wander through all areas of the home.

Like children, dogs need to be fed, washed, and need exercise. It may be difficult to clean each time there’s a mess so it is practical to find effective ways in doing this. Before cleaning, you can reduce time by training your pet. If your dog tends to shed a lot, you may want to limit the areas accessible to your pets. For example, beds, sofas, and couches are more demanding areas to clean. After this step is completed, you can move on to cleaning.

1. Invest in a lint roller 2. Vacuum Away

Many dog owners may be used to having Using a vacuum cleaner will get the

their pet hair stuck to their clothes. It’s dust, hairs, and crumbs off the floors.

arduous to wash your clothes every time Robot vacuum cleaners can easily get

your pet sheds. A cheap and accessible rid of visible particles but it is best to

investment you can make to rid this problem invest in an upright vacuum that can

is a lint roller. This will pick up most of the clean areas hard to reach. Both are

hairs on clothes, furniture, and floors. however effective as they get the job


3. Store it up 4. Immediate Action

You may have experienced an accident or It is necessary to clean and pick up

two around your house. It’s important to after your dog right away. If hair

declutter your home as much as possible. particles and dust pile up, it may be

Store anything that you don’t want your dog harder to clean afterward. For a safer

to chew up or play with. Keep your and healthier environment for your

bedroom and bathroom doors closed if dogs and children, it is advised that

you’re not home. It may be impossible to you act immediately.

avoid your pet from destroying all things in

the house, but it may be helpful to put extra

care into delicate objects.

*If you need a more thorough disinfecting service during these times, you can check out our website here.

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