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Misunderstandings of Professional Disinfecting Services

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Covered in today’s blog

What are some misunderstandings of professional disinfection services?

To what extent are these misunderstandings false and true.

In recent months, there has been an exponential increase in searches related to professional disinfecting services. This has been connected to different reasons but primarily due to the novel coronavirus. As these services gain more attention, individuals have raised questions regarding the use of them. Today we will go over 3 of the most common misunderstandings of professional disinfecting companies.

Note: These explanations are attributed to our service and may not apply to other disinfecting businesses.


After learning the price of some disinfecting services, individuals revert to using commercial cleaning products. These hundreds of dollars may be too burdensome for many and they may feel like they’re wasting their money. However, there is a stark difference between regular cleaning products and the devices used by professionals. The UV devices that we use kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, as well as airborne-mediated germs. It is effective in disinfecting against the novel coronavirus as we use the best-customized treatment for our clients.

Harsh chemicals👩🏻‍🔬

Another misconception that individuals have is that all professional disinfecting companies use harsh chemicals. Our business distinguishes ourselves from traditional disinfection by adhering to 100% non-chemical, environmentally-friendly disinfecting methods. This is not only beneficial to your employee's health but provides a better working environment with its odorless scent. Also, because we avoid direct contact of surfaces and products, it is ensured that your property is perfectly intact after each treatment.

Is it necessary?⭕❌

Disinfecting is not the same as cleaning. Many people are too quick to assume that cleaning supplies will provide the same benefits as professional disinfecting services. Our hospital-grade UV devices are the optimal solution to sterilizing the air, having 99.9% effectiveness in killing various types of viruses. There are limits to the efficacy of cleaners in destroying germs in homes and offices and they cannot produce the same effects as professional companies.

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