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Reducing Carbon Footprint

Covered in today's blog:

How to reduce carbon footprint in our daily routine.

The effects of implementing these practical steps into our lives.

We talked about the sources of carbon footprint in our previous blog. Now we will look at some of the changes we can make in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprints. You may be surprised in how many different areas you can make a change. These require only little physical and financial investment.

Practical steps in reducing carbon footprint

Find other modes of transportation🚶🏻‍♀️

  • Transportation makes up the largest percentage in generating greenhouse gases. You can find other modes of transportation such as walking, riding a bike, taking public transportation, or carpooling. All these methods reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy reduction at home🔌

  • Simply conserving energy in your homes can reduce your carbon footprint. Takes a few extra seconds and it also saves money! For example, the most simple transition is turning your lights off when unnecessary. Many times people forget to turn their lights off even after they’ve left the room which consumes needless energy. Following this is also unplugging any electronic devices when they aren’t in use. You can unplug them in the morning before you head to work or at night before you sleep.

Conscious consumer🏪

  • Individuals should understand what it is to be a conscious consumer whether it is buying food or clothing. It’s easy to walk in a store and pick up an item that you want to eat or wear. However, the amount of waste and pollution this creates is substantial.


  • Rather than shopping in fast fashion industries, you can research brands that make conscious clothing. These quality pieces are meant to last longer while protecting the environment.


  • Be conscious of the food you are buying. Livestock which are on top of the food chain are produced through greenhouse gas emissions. Although this may cost more, you should try to purchase organic foods grown locally which promotes personal and environmental wellness.

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