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Reusing and Repurposing Plastic Items

Many individuals are aware of the term recycle. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, recycle is the process of passing again through a series of changes or treatments to process in order to regain material for human use. This applies to the recycle of paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.

However, recycling is only one way in saving material and conserving energy. There are other approaches such as reusing and repurposing that individuals can utilize.

Ways to Reuse Plastic Items

You can be very creative with reusing plastic items inside your homes.

Here are some ideas💡:

  • You can store other liquids in the empty containers and relabel them. If you have younger children, they can draw or decorate the cover of the containers.

  • Use plastic bottles as watering cans for plants

  • Use them as small planters. You can cut off the tops of the bottles and plant different seeds.

  • Decoration inside the house. With many quarantined inside the homes, you can hold an arts & crafts session. The finished bottles and containers can be placed around the house.

Ways to Repurpose Plastic Items

Other than reusing plastic items, you can also repurpose them into something different.

Here are some ideas💡:

  • If you are tired of seeing your knotted wires over the house, you can make your very own charging container.

  • You can cut off plastic containers to make scoops for gardening. These extra expenses can be saved with simple alterations.

  • Large storage containers can be used around the house as garbage cans. Smaller containers can be used as travel containers as many hygiene products need to be stored.

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