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What is UV Disinfection?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

What exactly is ultraviolet disinfection?

You may have a broad understanding of UV disinfection and its function as it is becoming more accessible to us. Simply put UV, ultraviolet, is produced by high-temperature surfaces, such as the Sun, as a discrete spectrum of wavelengths according to Encyclopedia Britannica. There are different forms of UV such as UVA and UVB. These are recognized as ultraviolet light that causes harmful effects on the skin and encourages sun protection.

UVC light is the high-energy portion of the ultraviolet spectrum that has a wavelength of 200 to 280 nanometers. The radiation produced in this spectrum does not reach the earth’s surface as it is blocked by the ozone layer.

How does UV apply to us and our lives?

Ultraviolet has been commonly used in healthcare industries such as hospitals, senior centers, and pharmacies. Scientific research has proven UVC light's 99.9% effectiveness in inactivating pathogenic viruses and bacteria. By lethally disrupting its genetic material, UVC light renders viruses unable to reproduce. They are embraced by these institutions as it is essential to create an environment that prioritizes the health and safety of their patients.

Homeowners may be reluctant to use these services as they fear that the treatment is too harsh in residential dwellings. However, many businesses use top-notch UV devices and steamers which are harmless to younger children and pets. Our business, Green Sanicare, uses 100% non-chemical disinfection for a more gentle and thorough disinfection, ensuring the safest experience possible. These professional disinfecting services are becoming more standardized as viruses spread rapidly.

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