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Steam & Water Disinfection

Ironing with Garment Steamer

We carefully chose steaming as our secondary method of disinfection as it keeps powerful elimination of germs without any use of chemicals. Since only pure water in high temperature is used in the process, it is perfectly safe to use on all types of surfaces and environments. We use steaming as a next step to UV treatment in areas that are beyond reach or need more detailed disinfection. Our hospital-grade steamers that can increase the water temperature to a germicidal level ensures the entire property is fully under coverage within short amount of time.

Electrolyzed Water

We use electrolyzed water which is a natural disinfectant made by applying electricity to natural ingredients; water, salt, and vinegar. Disinfecting using electrolyzed water has been increasingly acclaimed due to its environmentally-friendly, non-toxic nature. It is also safe enough to be used in food applications, baby products, and delicate materials. The reason this charming method has often been limited to industrial use lies in the expensive, industrial size equipment needed to produce this water. 

Water Purifier & Glass

Find Out the Best Disinfection Method for Your Space!

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