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Residential Disinfection

Hospital-Grade COVID-19 Disinfecting Service for Homes

  • Eliminate 99.9% of Viruses and Allergens

  • Hospital-Grade Germicidal UVC Light & Steaming

  • Deep Room and Air Decontamination

  • All Corners Including Ceilings, Walls and Ventilators

  • 100% Chemical-Free and Non-Toxic

bathroom sanitizing

Single-Family Home

We offer services for all sizes of single family homes that range from two or three room units to houses with multiple floors. Upon arrival, our team will carry out a quick investigation of your house to outline the best disinfecting procedure. Whether it is a regular sanitizing process or before and after small events, we know the best customized solution in keeping safe environment for your family.

Furniture / Carpetings

Stairs / Hallways

Kitchen Areas

Basements / Attics

고급 빌라

Shared Units

브랜드 뉴 주방


It is more important for people living in apartments and condominiums to regularly have disinfection service due to the inevitable frequent encounters with their neighbors. Viruses and bacteria are prone to stay in the common areas and come into your living space. We provide efficient and thorough disinfecting service that will help keep your family safe from these outside threats. Also, we cover neglected spots in manual sanitizing routine that will keep you germ-free for moths to come.

Home Offices

Common Areas

Children's Rooms

Closets and Shelves

소파 이동

Move-In / Move-Out

It is the best choice to have your future living space disinfected and decontaminated before your grand journey of moving in. You won't have to worry about numerous germs, allergens, and mold spores that have been residing in the space for you don't know how long. It is always relieving and comfortable bringing your valued belongings onto surfaces thoroughly sanitized and ready for your fresh new start!

Mold Spores

Holes and Cracks


Disinfecting Service Process

1. Get a Free Estimate

Call us at (201) 992-7264 or Go Here to request a free estimate.

2. Make a Reservation

Once you receive your estimate, you can make a reservation at the time and date of your choice.

3. Service Team Arrives

Our trained professionals arrive at the site on the scheduled day.

4. Disinfecting Procedure (1hr to 1hr and 30 minutes)

  • A brief observation of the space and operation planning done by manager

  • Overall air/surface disinfecting process using multiple UVC towers

  • Individual treatment for small appliances/high touch areas

  • Deep steam sterilization for ventilators/corners to ensure no spots are left out

5. Service Report

After the procedure, a detailed disinfection service report and photos(upon customer's request) will be sent at no extra cost.




Up to ~ 3,000 sqft        $255 - $355

Up to ~ 5,000 sqft        $355 - $475

Above 5,000 sqft          To be estimated

  • Price range can change according to factors in the quote request form.

  • Recurring services will be eligible for discount offers.

Why do I need to disinfect my home?

Find Out Why You Mysteriously Get Sick

Do you frequently get sick or have allergic reaction for no specific reasons? They could have been in your own home - you might be shocked to realize how much bacteria and viruses are surrounding you in your living spaces.

Keep Food Preparation Area Clean

What you eat is what you become. The food that goes into your body needs to be clean in order to keep your health in good condition. This is only achieved by keeping the area where food is treated completely sanitary and free of germs.

Protect Your Children from Harmful Germs

Children are more subject to various illnesses caused by unsanitary environment than adults are. It is important that you make sure they are breathing and touching clean air and surface to protect them from flu, infections, and allergic reactions.

clean kitchen

Germicidal Steaming to Cover All Hidden Spots

We use full commercial-grade steam device that heats water up to a germicidal temperature. Our hospital-grade steaming technology make it possible to turn pure water into a powerful virus-killing solution without any artificial ingredients. After the entire surface and air treatment with UVC lighting, we treat all the hidden spots, hard-to-reach cracks, ceilings, and walls with steam procedure in order to ensure every corner within the premises is covered and protected from harmful germs.

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